What is Autoscaling?

All our web hosting services use MKComputing's proprietary autoscaling technology.

Autoscaling literally means that our resources scale automatically. Bandwidth, memory and processing power is scaled up or down instantly – depending on demand. This is what makes them ‘true elastic cloud’. If there’s a surge in traffic, your website will continue to offer the same fast experience for every user.

This is because a site isn’t hosted on one or two servers. Instead, it can access the whole platform’s resources: multiple servers. And we always keep dedicated resources in reserve to cope with traffic.

Also, it means that if there’s a spike in demand and your shared hosting ‘neighbours’ become busy, it doesn’t affect your site speed. Busy sites are isolated from others on their own servers. This doesn’t happen at most other hosting providers, and even if a hosting company says they do something similar, no one does it better!

What is load balancing?

Load balancing is about sharing traffic across servers. Other web hosts may say they use load balancing – and indeed they do – but not the kind we’ve developed. Their load balancing mitigates failover: if a server goes down, your site will be moved to another, so it stays online.

It’s a kind of disaster recovery. That’s expected: we offer that kind of server redundancy as well, even though we use some of the best hardware in the industry – thanks to our long-term partners at Dell – and a robust 10 Gb network.

Global CDN

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is all about making a website load faster for all users, wherever they are in the world. This is done by storing (caching) copies of your website on servers at the network edge. For example, if your website is hosted at a UK data centre, there might be a delay if you try to access that site from the USA. So a copy of your website is stored on a server closer to the user, called a Point of Presence (POP). Multiple copies of your site’s data is stored at different POPs throughout the world, so your site will load faster in remote places. Your users will navigate your site more efficiently, wherever they are. While it’s good for users, it also helps your website in other ways. Search engines love fast-loading sites so there’s an SEO benefit to having a CDN.

Our CDN offers the same edge caching features as paid CDNs from providers like Cloudflare. While it has one-click activation, we give advanced users the option of development mode, and dynamic/custom cache settings – freedom to experiment. You can purge the cache in a click to make instant updates. Nuisance visitors can be blocked by IP address or country. Stay on top of site performance and monitor for problems with our comprehensive set of statistics. It gives raw data on CDN activity, presented in charts. So you can make informed decisions on traffic trends and monitor for issues following site changes.